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Cryptocurrency Funds

As cryptocurrency grows in popularity and investment managers add the asset class to their portfolios, the importance of verifying the existence and value of crypto-assets through an audit becomes integral to attracting new fund investors.

Gain Confidence With Our Detailed Cryptocurrency Audits

Akram & Associates prides itself on providing a consultative service to its alternative investment fund clients. To efficiently prepare for an audit, we advise our cryptocurrency clients to gather the following documentation:

  • A detailed schedule of investments that shows that the inflows and outflows have been properly accounted for, the gains and losses for the assets have been verified and recorded accurately and that each transaction has been accurately and completely accounted for.

  • Proof that the fund has ownership of the crypto-assets, they exist and that the correct valuation has been used.

Our team has performed cryptocurrency audits for multiple funds. We have the professional experience to conduct an audit that instills confidence in fund managers and investors that the money they are investing is appropriately accounted for. Dowload our brochure regarding Tax Planning for New Asset Class.

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