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Hedge Fund Accountant

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Hedge Fund Accountant

Hedge Fund Accountant

Akram works with alternative investment industry, especially those related to hedge funds. We tailor our services to each hedge fund and strive to stay current with changes in regulations and industry best practices. 

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Investment Funds Our Firm Serves

We proudly specialize in serving multiple niche services that many accounting Firms lack any familiarity with. You can depend on us to provide modern, customized solutions to your current fund accounting needs.

Akram has a long and experienced history supporting the financial service industry:

Working with Alternative Investment Funds

Hedge funds and other alternative investment funds face several challenges when it comes to accounting. Their obligation to their investors means that all accounting must be handled thoroughly and effectively, and that the accuracy of financial reports is paramount.

"Akram & Associates is an excellent CPA and auditing Firm. They are very detail oriented and worked relentlessly to help our firm with the needs of our funds. Firm helped us with K-1s and corporate tax projects, always looking to find ways to maximize our project goals and targets. They seem to always finish their projects early or before schedule which is great. They are trustworthy and I recommend them to anyone looking for an accountant or fund auditor.”

Viet Ly - Principal Management, LLC - Seattle, WA

We understand the inner workings of a hedge fund and provide support to the fund manager, enabling greater opportunities and promoting the effectiveness of the fund. With our expertise, we can help managers evaluate and establish the initial fund structure and produce reporting and tax information for your investors.

Having a third-party accountant with a solid reputation in this industry boosts your integrity and makes your fund more appealing to investors. We strive to help you work toward the fund's success while maintaining the necessary independence and objectivity this position demands.

Hedge Fund Accounting Firm Recognition

We are proud to serve as a trusted partner to our clients and are humbled by the industry recognition we have received. Akram has been shortlisted for the HFM US Services Awards for three years in a row. We have also been shortlisted again for the Hedgeweek Americas Awards 2021

Hedge Fund Accounting     Hedge Fund Accountant

Akram Commitment to Hedge Fund Accounting

Hedge Fund Accounting

Since opening our firm in 2013, we have been committed to delivering exceptional service to each of our clients. We take the time to get to know you and your business in-depth so that we can tailor our accounting to your needs. You can count on us to be attentive and prompt in our service, and to communicate with you openly and regularly.

Our clients expect accounting to help them control, monitor, and grow their business. We use thorough evaluations to identify problems and opportunities, then build customized solutions to help your company thrive. Our clients appreciate the straightforward and sincere approach our accountants offer when presenting ideas.

Here to Help Your Fund Grow

Akram is dedicated to offering first-rate accounting services within your industry niche. Make sure your business has the accounting support you need. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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