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Tax Services in NYC

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Tax Services in NYC

Tax Services in  NYC

We provide expert tax services in NYC for fund managerstraders, family offices and the ultra wealthy.Taxes are complex in any circumstance, and when you have significant investments or a high net-worth, it's imperative that they're handled correctly.  

We have decades of experience helping clients with nuanced tax situations and strict requirements to navigate their taxes with accuracy and efficiency. Our accountants can provide pertinent tax advice to help you employ effective strategies and legally reduce your tax liability. When tax problems arise, we provide the insight and information you need to understand and resolve the situation.

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Preparing Taxes for NYC Hedge and Other Investment Funds 

Fund managers have many responsibilities on their plate and adding tax responsibilities on top of this can be a significant burden. We are experienced in the tax reporting obligations that investment funds owe their investors, and can help you organize, prepare, and deliver on these obligations efficiently and accurately.


"This past year Akram & Associates excellently managed the tax work of my hedge fund. Firm industriously worked beyond the usual business hours and delivered me the tax work ahead of schedule. Staff is polite and trustworthy. Muhammad Akram is very diligent, very courteous, and very hard-working. I highly recommend Akram & Associates CPAs."

Farris Hassan - Farris Fund Management, LLC - New York, NY

Our accountants can fulfill numerous essential tasks, from reviewing the fund's net asset value and creating the initial fund structure to serving as your designated Partnership Representative. Naturally, we can prepare Schedule K-1 forms for U.S. and state tax returns as well.

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For easy reference, you may download our Alternative Investments Audit & Tax Services brochure (PDF). 

Tax Services for High Net-Worth Individuals

Tax Services in NYC

Your high net-worth comes with many tax complexities, especially when it comes to assets, property, investments, and multiple sources of income. Failing to account for or properly classify all of these factors can result in audits and serious fines.

Our accountants offer years of experience helping HNWIs prepare and file their taxes accurately and on time. We can organize your financial data, apply the correct tax forms, and complete them with efficiency and precision.

We stay consistently up-to-date on all changes to tax legislation, ensuring that nothing is overlooked in your preparation. When preparing your forms, we also look for opportunities to utilize tax deductions, exemptions, credits, and deferment to limit your tax liability when available.

Expatriate Taxes

Living abroad can be incredibly satisfying, but it also adds extra complexities to your tax filing. Rather than trying on your own to sort out the many variables determining what you owe, put your expatriate taxes in the hands of our experienced accountants.

We can file your federal income tax returns (and state, if applicable), as well as small business tax returns and foreign bank account reporting (FBAR). If you have fallen behind in your taxes, we can help you to work toward compliance and develop strategies for resolving tax debt.

Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts Report in NYC

Whether you have foreign bank accounts, international investments, or are living abroad, the IRS requires you to disclose assets gained from or held overseas. The foreign bank & financial accounts report (FBAR) can be frustrating if you are uncertain of what needs to be disclosed and where the threshold for filing actually lies.

We consult with clients to evaluate whether they meet the threshold for filing and can prepare and file these reports as needed.

Tax Help for Effective Tax Planning in NYC 


As with many other areas of finance, when it comes to taxes, the most effective path to success is planning. Strategies applied throughout the year can help you to take advantage of opportunities and lower your tax liability.

Our accountants work with you to help you find personalized strategies you can use to minimize your tax liability. We thoroughly evaluate your situation, seeking any deductions, exceptions, and credits available to you. We also take the time to understand your financial goals and incorporate them into your strategies, allowing you to reap benefits both now and in the future.

Tax Services Tailored to You

Tax Planning in New York City

At Akram | Assurance, Advisory & Tax Firm, we use our experience and expertise to provide effective tax services for each client. Whatever your tax needs, you can depend on us to be thorough, diligent, and to tailor every service to your unique circumstances.

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