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As your Private Equity Fund Auditor, Akram Team realizes the significance of trust, transparency, and accountability when it comes to your private equity fund’s investments. That's why all emphasis is on the safeguarding of investors’ interests and ensuring the integrity of Private Equity Fund’s financial statements. A private equity fund auditor analyses the fund's financial statements for accuracy and compliance with accounting standards, and double check that fund's all financial practices are aligned with regulatory requirements and agreed-upon fund terms.

Private Equity Wire US Award 2023

Unparalleled Expertise

We specialize in private equity fund audits, possess a deep understanding of the intricate investment fund structures and strategies that drive the private equity industry. Our knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), ensures that private equity fund is in compliant with laws and regulations.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Every private equity investment has its unique set of risks that demands thorough risk assessments tailored to a private equity fund’s investment portfolio. By identifying and evaluating potential risks, including those associated with investments, valuation practices, and compliance, Private Equity Fund Managers are provided with comprehensive insights and recommendations to mitigate potential pitfalls.

The team has consistently outperformed our high expectations of them and we could not be more pleased with the service provided. It is clear that Muhammad takes great pride in his work and is available at all hours of the day to ensure that his clients receive highly personalized service. REDDS VIP - Irvine, CA

Jeff Shon

REDDS VIP - Irvine, CA

Rigorous Investment Valuation Analysis

As your Private Equity Fund Auditor, Akram Team vigilantly scrutinizes investment valuations to ensure accuracy, reasonableness, and compliance with industry standards and best practices. We use proven valuation methodologies like discounted cash flow analysis, market multiples, and net asset value calculations. We focus to verify the reliability of valuation inputs, assumptions, and calculations. Investment valuations will be thoroughly assessed, leaving no room for doubt.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

Open, fair, and transparent communication is the foundation of our client relationships. Akram is proud of providing clear and concise reporting that effectively communicates significant findings, observations, and recommendations.

Client-Centric Approach

Akram Audit Team prioritizes investors’ needs and tailor services to meet your specific requirements. We take each client as unique, with distinct investment strategies and objectives. With a client-centric mindset, we collaborate closely with you to ensure that Akram’s audit approach aligns with your expectations and delivers the insights Private Equity Fund Managers seek to make informed decisions.

Best Accounting & Audit Firm | Start-up & Emerging Funds

Akram is a winner in the Hedgeweek Americas Awards for consecutive 3 years 2021, 2022, and 2023

"We have been voted “Best Accounting Firm for Start-up & Emerging Funds by Hedge Week”.

Akram is a winner of “Best Audit Firm" by Private Equity Wire US Emerging Managers Awards 2024.
PEW Best audit Firm Award

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